News Update

Practice Nets

The ECB released guidance around re-introducing cricket practice and your committee have agreed the following procedures to ensure we comply and keep everyone safe within the guidelines.

It is essential these are followed – any questions please email –

Please remember a breach of these can impact the club but more importantly puts the health of your friends/coaches/teammates and their families at risk so take these seriously. Thanks in advance!

Burgess Hill CC Cricket Nets Booking Procedure

Until further guidance is received from the ECB the following procedures must be followed regarding use of the cricket nets in St John’s Park.

• The nets will be available for use from 10.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. each day of the week.
• Only one net is to be used at any one time.
• Only two people at any one time can use the net unless they are from the same household. Users are permitted to have a friend attending with them.
• All use must be booked in advance by emailing Sarah Plimmer – who will confirm the booking. Unless confirmation is received please do not try and access the nets.
• Each session will be for a maximum of 45 minutes.
• Each session must involve or be supervised by a team captain, a youth manager, or another approved responsible adult. There will be a rota of approved adults available to open and close the nets where users do not have access to the keys and supervise usage should youngsters wish to use the nets.
• At the end of each session users are responsible for wiping down the locks and the handles of the security gates with disinfectant wipes or similar. It is recommended that users also do this when they start their session.
• If you use the key in the store cupboard to access the nets, please ensure the key is replaced back on the hook. When your booking is finished, unless the next booking has arrived please close the gates but do not close the self locking padlock. If you are last to use please close and lock up as normal.
• You must use your own cricket equipment. The club will leave two sets of spring back stumps in the nets for everyone to use.
• You must observe social distancing at all times.
• The main pavilion is locked down and not available for use at any time.
• There is to be no unauthorised usage.
• If the guidelines are not complied with the club will be forced to close the nets. We occupy a highly visible and prominent area. It is inevitable that failure to comply with the Government’s guidelines will result in the club being reported to the Authorities.

Annual Subs
A number of people have asked about annual subs. At the moment the club is waiting until we know what this season will comprise, in terms of games and duration before making any decisions. We expect to know from the ECB and Sussex within the next 3 to 4 weeks the definitive plan for this season. Once this is known we will communicate with all members on the subject, including those who have already paid their subs.

Thank you
We want to thank those who, having received the ECB notification on Friday afternoon, have the recommended system for nets usage up and running for the first users by 10.00 am Sunday morning. Brilliant effort and thank you from all the users. The booking clerk has been inundated for requests already so get in quick if you want to make use of the facility. It is open to all ages and all members.

BHCC Committee