Turn St John’s Park Green


Our Project

St John’s Park has been the home of Burgess Hill Cricket Club since 1872. Our project aims to restore the cricket outfield to the high standard required for cricket participation and park users. We are fortunate to play in a conservation area. However over the years the lack of regular ground maintenance, together with the drier summers has led to a progressive deterioration in the playing surface. The club is embarking upon an ambitious plan to restore the park playing surface to its former condition with substantial investment in an infrastructure that will solve the problems of lack of water and poor quality grass coverage. Please visit our dedicated Local Giving project page and help us to raise the £39,000 required to ‘Turn St John’s Park Green’.

The current situation –
  • Outfield poorly maintained over many years
  • Uneven playing surface can be unsafe for participants
  • More extreme weather conditions – far less rainfall
  • Dry weather has led to a lack of grass coverage
  • Council contractors are not sports turf specialists
  • Limited council funding for ground improvements
The solution –
  • Install irrigation system to the square using pop up sprinklers
  • Using 360 degree heads system irrigates much of the outfield
  • Laser level the square using surplus soil to level the outfield
  • Renovate, top dress and reseed the square and a 25 metre area around the square
  • Scarify and reseed the remaining outfield area
Total Project Cost £39,000 over 3 years with completion by Autumn 2022, the Club’s 150th anniversary