Against all odds, the 2s managed to beat the weather to get a full game in and make it two in a row with a hard fought win over Hellingly.  Weeks of sunshine were replaced by what felt like November rain about 10am and only some quick work with the covers enabled us to protect the wicket.  The sun came out a bit which was welcomed with Open Arms and it was game on.

Skipper Matt Charman flipped the coin and had to Look Away as he lost another toss and Hellingly elected to bat first which is often a good decision at St John’s.  It looked a good call as Hellingly made a great start with openers Ian Rippengal and Michael Williams in good form taking to score to 61 without loss. We were a little soft in the field to start but Every Rose has its Thorn and in our case it was Dan Maskell who removed Williams.

Hellingly were still in good shape however with wickets in hand. It was a drinks break and a team discussion that changed the game in our favour but it was More than Words that prompted wickets to fall as a Wind of Change swept across SJP.  Good bowling from Akeem Ifill, the returning Ian Plummer (who just about got his arm High Enough in his first game in years), Matt Charman and Maskell meant they all finished with 2 wickets and restricted the Hellingly score.  As did Dan Rapson who took out the last two batsmen bowled and then caught behind with Hellingly 165 all out.

A very nice Punter tea was taken and it was up to us to try and get 166 much needed runs. Punter and Luke Vick opened up looking assured but Punter fell for 6 caught.  Having had one life the big wicket of Akeem went as he was unable to punish Hellingly and was bowled shortly after, with Andrew Billinghay following in the same way.  We were still Miles Away from the Hellingly total.

A good partnership of 42 followed as Phil Wickwar and Luke Vick rebuilt until Luke was caught for an excellent 43. At 81-4 a decent partnership was required and BHCC got this with Wickers (28) and Matt Charman (30) who both defended solidly and put bad balls away taking the score to 136-4.  It wouldn’t be BHCC without a wobble and this followed as Charman smacked a full toss to Joe Hook who looked as surprised as the batsman was as he caught it an inch off the floor. Wickers was at the other end looking on and very worried he was going to be left there Alone. Then more worryingly for the team Wickers was bowled and Tom McCreadie was out quickly.  At 139-7 it was looking like we were about to Fall to Pieces but Lewis Mamoany (14) had other ideas taking us to 155-7, and then when he was out the experience of Plum and Masky took us over the line.

Skipper Matt Charman said..

“If I Could turn back Time I probably would have got Dan Rapson back on quicker and I definitely shouldn’t middle balls to fielders. I also got annoyed at some of our fielding, it’s Hard to Say I’m Sorry but I apologise, I must remain positive. They say to Listen to your Heart but I will have to rein it in and remain calm.  That said we showed Patience with the ball, Faithfully stuck to our game-plan and ensured we got the 30 points.

It was great to put on a decent partnership with Phil Wickwar he is Amanda rely on when the Going gets Tough. I hoped we’d Carrie us over the line and celebrate with a pint of Black Velvet but it was great to see young Lewis show great maturity and the experience of Plum and Masky won us the game at the end.  If You Needed Somebody at the end you would be hard pushed to find two better men to handle that pressure.  No Heartbreak Station for us.  Very happy with the win.”

At one point it was rumoured when things weren’t going BHCC’s way, Phil Wickwar offered his bowling as an option but it was politely declined.

‘I’d do anything for love, but I won’t do that,’ said the winning skipper.

Rottingdean away for the 2s next week and the skipper will not be offering the team to pick a theme for match reports in the event of a win for fear of another topic like Power Ballads above…   ; )